About The Alternatives

A new non-professional theatre group seeking alternative ways of doing things, seeing things and presenting things.

It’s not about just doing one thing or the other but choosing to look at all the alternatives as a way of fully understanding the world.

The Alternatives has been set up by Julie Weston and Deborah Mason to explore the boundaries of non-professional theatre and to see what comes about from the interaction of a lot of different view points, backgrounds, cultural responses and techniques (whether they arise from professional training or are personal to the individual in dealing with certain tasks and situations).

Our first main production was King Lear in Spring 2015.  There will be a hiatus now until we find the next project we want to work on, do follow our twitter account which will be the first place we will start talking about the things we might be working on @AlternativesTC

If you are interested in the possibilities of this way of working please do get in touch via thealternatives@outlook.com





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