Programme Details

The Cast:

Lear: Jacquie Crago

Regan: Kerry Clarke

Goneril: Stephanie McKinley

Cordelia: Emma Burford

Kent: Kate Parry

Edmund: Leigh Crocombe

Gloucester: Dermot Taylor

Edda: Amy Rose

Oswald: Richard Sleath

Gloucester’s Attendant: Julie Weston

Fool: Deborah Mason

The Team:

Director/Producer: Julie Weston

Co-Producer/Props: Deborah Mason, Liz Steer

Costumes: Linda Parker

Hair & Make Up: Amy Rose

Lighting: Paul Radomskij

Sound: Hilary Jennings

Set: John Bush, Deborah Mason, Amy Rose

Publicity: Deborah Mason, Liz Steer

Production Photos: Richard Sleath

Thanks to:

Southside Players, Heather Wignall, James Farrell, RSC Open Stages, our family and friends.




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