King Lear 14 September 2014

Our first proper rehearsal today.  Last weekend many of the King Lear cast were involved in the excellent RSC Open Stages skills exchange at Questors Theatre.  This weekend we got to put some of that into practice.

We did find time to take a quick Selfie to mark the occasion, not everyone was there but here we have Lear, Regan, Goneril, Edmund, Kent, our Director (Julie) and The Fool (cheekily sneaking in at the bottom edge).

selfie 1


The Alternatives – what’s it all about?

Ever thought – there must be an alternative…

Way of doing things?

To the current economic policy?

To reality TV?

To women being the majority but only having a tiny percentage of power and wealth?

To racism, sexism, homophobia and all the rest of that bad stuff?

To things being done they way they’ve been done, because they’ve been done that way, for hundreds of years?

Yes. We thought that too!